My walk this week was in a location carefully selected to not have many other people around – Paxton’s Tower in Carmarthenshire, Wales. Please remember that these blog posts are not intended to prompt you to go out during this difficult time with the Coronavirus, but rather to bring the outside in and hopefully help with some of the difficulties of confinement. For more free StillWalks® resources visit my previous post.

Looking north west

It was a beautiful day and the views from the hill on top of which Paxton’s Tower sits were also beautiful. The photos below look in all geographical directions as well as up at and up in the tower. There are some details too – signs of Spring and the patterns and textures of the full cycle of life.

Can you see the horned creature leaping out of the dead tree? The other dead tree stump has been put through some ordeals, with its interior having been burnt and revealing the bubbling textures of what I assume was boiling sap. Whether this was done before or after the tree was cut down I cannot say but I felt for it all the same.

Then there is the salts seepage from the tower walls – every time I have photographed this phenomenon, I think my image is out of focus but it is just the strange melting texture of the build up of material next to the coarse texture of the stonework.

Paxton’s Tower Soundscape

The soundscape is in fact one audio clip recorded on my phone but which gives a good sense of the aural aspect of the place – the birds twittering and the quiet open expanse of a clear day with hardly any breeze.

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