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My Walk this Week 206 – I should have been here now

My walk this week is a re-post of one I made two years ago in the place we should have been now – SW Scotland. But due to the Covid-19 lock down, all holidays were cancelled and so we can only visit virtually.

The evening light in my selected shots of sunsets in SW Scotland show the changing scene from day to day from different viewpoints. Almost all the photos were taken on different evenings but it is easy to take many, many photographs throughout just one evening as the sun sinks down and the light and shade and colours change above in the sky and below in the bay.

Low tide and lowering sun

Fewer clouds this year might have meant less drama, but I don’t think that is ever the case in this place. The skyscape / landscape / seascape is always mesmerising and holds my attention,
in awe again and again at the yellows and reds, greens and blues, and on one occasion pink and grey. The peacefulness is unparalleled at times like these.

Evening Soundscape

This soundscape is not from the same post but is certainly from the same place.

NB The place we stay with these wonderful views is called High Tide. It has been in my family since my grandfather built it in 1937 and although it is currently closed due to Covid-19, we do accept bookings from people other than family and friends. Watch the website for updates on the situation with regards to booking.

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      • Yes, I do love the sound of birds. That is what I have on whilst driving instead of the radio or music. I found an old unused CD, that had been free from a paper once and thrown away. It was in a load of other proper CDs sent to the charity shop where I usually volunteer. The blackbird and other song birds are soothing, but when the corvids do there squawks it makes me laugh. Driving laughing, driving smiling and soothed, it’s all good. I pulled over and stopped to breathe one day and heard some crows arguing, so I played the track of crows to them with the window open and got a visitor on the hedge before driving off. A Dolittle moment me thinks, but hope it wasn’t a load of swearing.

    • And the soundscape too. Don’t forget the soundscape – it doesn’t show on the mobile WP reader but on the site blog page. Thank you

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