My Walk this Week 215 – Cycle Path 2

My walk this week repeats the route along the cycle path I posted about a few weeks ago, but to my surprise there were more differences on the walk than I expected.

I thought it would be a challenge to present a different post about the same place so soon, but it seems my lack of a sense of time extends beyond the delay in writing this post (I have been a day behind in my head all week) to a perception that less time has passed since I last walked this path.

The wild flowers in bloom now, compared to those a few weeks ago, demonstrate the fast pace of natural changes at this time of year. While I enjoyed the patterns and textures of my last walk there a month ago, it is wonderful to see the rosebay willow herb and other wild flowers come back into colour.

Cycle Path Soundscape

The photos and sound were again recorded on my iPhone and due its sensitivity to wind, the soundscape above is shorter than my usual. Hopefully you will still enjoy it while looking through the images.

The pool in the river is empty of children this time but shows that idyllic spot on a Summer day where, on my last walk there, you could hear the sheiks of laughter from local youngsters making the most of a hot day and ignoring the Covid-19 lock down advice on social distancing.

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  1. What a joy to share this cycle path with you, Alastair. A rich summer day filled with growth and flowers and beautiful natural patterns. I appreciated the bird call in the soundscape, am wondering if you have chickadees there? The song had a cadence like a chickadee. Also really like the power of the rushing water. It always amazes me that you have so much coursing water there, even in July. Thanks for this lovely walk.

    • Thank you Jet. We do t have chickadees here and I’m sorry I can’t tell what bird it is. I was hoping someone else might be able to identify it for me. We did have a lovely long hot dry spell but as you have heard, the rain returned

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