My Walk this Week 220 – Recce in the Sun

My walk this week was a recce in the sun for a VR walk that we will be producing at the earliest opportunity.

The walk was at Three Cliffs Bay on The Gower and it was hot! The “three cliffs” can be seen in the background of the image above but to see their real scale, please look through the images below.

I’m sorry I don’t have a soundscape for this walk, although the sound in a VR (virtual reality) walk will be very important and we will be paying close attention to it.

If this post looks different to usual, that is because it has been entirely produced on my phone using the WordPress app. All photos were also taken on my iPhone.

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  1. So many familiar views from many happy digs in North Gower when we whizzed off to Three Cliffs on days that were unbearably hot. And memories of a particularly high spring tide one year when warnings to unseasoned visitors with barbecues went unheeded — to their cost!

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