My Walk this Week 221 – Carmarthen Town

My walk this week takes me back to Carmarthen town and some images from the past, i.e. pre-Covid. There is no social distancing, no masks, and we were free to wander as we wished – ahh happy days!

The soundscape and images should to be viewed and listened to on the blog page, not the WordPress Reader.


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  1. Hello, Alastair ~ Thank you for this precious reminder of life being lived. So much we may have taken for granted. I am grateful you are saving memories for us, no matter where we call home ~ Diane

    • Thank you Diane. With the social distancing at the moment, it feels more than ever that we are social creatures. Of course, that’s not to say I don’t enjoy solitude as well. The post may be somewhat nostalgic I suppose, but I hope we are able to move forward positively from all this and relax the need for social distancing eventually.

  2. Some familiar views for me here too! I do feel that the town has real potential as an atmospheric tourist destination, as well as being a pleasanter town to live in, but it has no clear overall character and its assets are largely hidden by a lack of planning focus and vision.

    • Sorry Gerry, that wasn’t me. The voices of people with no need to distance. It will be so nice when we can get back to that. At least next week my eldest daughter will be able to visit us without regard to the weather as there will be no requirement to stay outside. It is a small move forward but a welcome one. I hope enough people can be sensible enough about all this to prevent another wave of it or a local lockdown. Stay well yourselves

  3. Super cool post… seeing and hearing. It felt like I was actually walking on that street. How I wish I can smell it too. Keep posting

    • Thanks very much. I’ve just had a good laugh at your Hilarious Laugh post – the laughter is definitely infectious, a good way to start the day. Thank you

  4. I enjoyed this walk through Carmarthen Town, Alastair. Interesting, as always, to hear the sounds. I espec. liked hearing the accents, the voices. I guessed I was hearing a train in the first third of the soundscape; and soon after that there was loud clacking, I guessed perhaps a horse? Lots of human interaction here, and wonderful photos, gave me a good sense of this town and its activities.

    • Thank you Jet, you’re right about the train. And clacking? I should have included the photo I have from that walk of a flag pole! The flag rope was blowing in the wind against the pole, like rigging does. It was a bit echoey and could sound like a horse. Glad you enjoyed it

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