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My Walk this Week 227 – Visual Wind and Audio Calm

My walk this week contains contradictions, wind in the visual but calm in the audio. Two walks really, both from Scotland – one where photos were taken and the other where sound recordings was done.

light and dark

The image above demonstrates a change in temperature while we were in Scotland, and of course that was preceded by wind. The strange rays of light sneaking through the cloud formation looks to me as though it might be an error in photo development, but this is a digital shot and anyway, I saw it with my own eyes, and it was weird. There’s nothing like nature to hold you in fascination and awe.

The effects of wind can be seen in the images below but the sound I recorded was from a cal walk along the shore, listening to the lapping of waves on the sand and amongst the rocks. So if the images leave you feeling flustered, hopefully the audio will keep you calm.

Perhaps it may be best on this occasion to look and listen separately – not something I usually prompt.

Calm Sea Soundscape

You might find using headphones worthwhile for this soundscape.

The curlew is perhaps the one natural element that is keeping its calm in the face of the wild wind and waves.

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  1. A delightful combination of seaside sounds and vistas today, Alastair, thank you. Nice to be on the coast of Scotland. I enjoyed both audio and visual, and did them separately as you suggested. The audio was a delight, with the song of the sea and the rhythmic waves. One of my favorite sounds came up here, when the water soaks into the sand. And I also heard what sounded like a chattering songbird, perhaps in nearby trees or something. So refreshing. The sights are also so lovely, and I espec. liked how you captured the windblown trees; and the storm in the sky with the sun rays. Wonderful to see the curlew too. The sounds of strong winds can often be so jangling against a microphone, so it was nice to do the two separately and just have calm waves to listen to. A delight, my friend.

    • Thank you very much Jet. I’m pleased I got it right for you. The little song birds were in the trees and bushes behind me and there are always loads of them – blue tits, great tits, finches, sparrows and so on. I loved your post on the white crowned sparrow by the way. I flagged it to comment but have not managed to do so yet.

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