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My Walk this Week 245 – Dulais River

My walk this week focuses on an unfamiliar view of my local river, the Dulais. I explored up a path beaten through brambles and whin to a rocky promontory above the river as it flows through the valley woodland, swollen by recent rains. Flooding is largely prevented by defences installed higher up the valley some years ago.

I had intended walking much further but was distracted by the small path which I have passed so often and yet not ventured along until now. It was something of a scramble to get to the rocky platform above, but worth it to get this new perspective on a familiar feature.

So my soundscape this week is almost entirely fast river flow and is contained in the video above. 

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  1. I closed my Hogwarts Classroom music to be fully present to the journey of water, sound, birds, trees, mosses, growth, nature, breathing & so much more in this gift or time and space and place. This pause to visit – like mmmagic! left me feeling sturdy and serene. Thank you – as always. Diane

    • Thank you Diane. Focused viewing/listening is the key to the benefits of StillWalks®. By the way, there are now five free StillWalks® videos on the website homepage – a small collection looking through the seasons at a local reservoir landscape. I need them a lot at the moment myself – as well as the real walks. Enjoy

  2. It is a complete marvel to have so much fast-flowing river water rushing by, thanks so much for the video and photos, Alastair. I like having my regular walks, and then what fun it is when one day you decide to try a new trail tributary; so how nice you brought us along for your adventure. Thanks for doing the scrambling for us today.

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