My Walk this Week 254 – Changes

My walk this week sees some changes to a local urban nature route I have not walked for a couple of years. In recent years there has been a tremendous amount of new house building going on in our area and so it was no surprise to find almost every last nook and cranny filled with new homes when I reached the top of a local hill where there had been a few plots still vacant at my last visit.

The climb up there is short but steep and I enjoy the vigorous energy needed to ascend at the start of the day as well as the views to be found along the way. Or at least that is what I thought! Not only has there been more building but also the fencing off of once open fields from which views in all directions were possible.

But the small wood with big trees is still there and the sound of birds at this time of year dominates everything else.

You cannot beat nature and why we try is beyond me! People do though – trying to tame and take control – but nature will always win out in the end and there is a good example of this below in the image of the tree having “eaten” the barbed wire of a fence.

But now I have a question – can anyone tell me what the species of almost luminous green moss / mould / fungi / lichen is on the old tree stump in image 8 below?

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  1. Birdsong and the sound of a metal gate – yep! Great!
    I think that is lichen, I have some that is similar on a very similar stump in my garden. It throws up bright orange and scarlet little pin heads sometimes.
    No idea of the name of it. If I had another life I would study lichen – I am convinced it holds magical powers of great value to us – it grows almost anywhere – I have a wonderful colony on my car which I do not want to clean off (my car is 13 years old).

  2. You once again manage, Alastair, to show us the ways in which trees and such are works of art.
    I share the disappointment about the encroaching “development.” It’s here on Whidbey, too. Especially post-COVID & folks fleeing Seattle. I have hope that Nature prevails because, as you say, you just can’t beat it!
    Thank you for inviting us into another world.

    • Thank you Diane. When it comes to nature and Man, we have to remember that it is not a matter of saving the planet but saving ourselves. The planet will see to itself and if that means doing away with us …..! We have to recognise the need for symbiosis and act accordingly.

  3. I’ve played with your words:


    Vigorous energy at the start of day,
    Views to be found along the way,
    Small wood with big trees still there,
    Sound of birds dominate the air.

    Why we try is beyond me,
    To tame and control the tree,
    People do try though,
    A good example of this below.

    Yet slowly was this trees defence,
    Eating the barbed wire of the fence,
    Nook and cranny to defend,
    Nature will always win out in the end.

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