My Walk this Week 259 – Late Bluebells and Moss

My walk this week is from Scotland where I was flabbergasted by the carpets of late bluebells and moss. Flabbergasted is not a word I use often but on this occasion it is well suited to the dismay I felt when walking in a local forest while on holiday. Being 300+ miles further north of home would account for the some of the delay in the timing of bluebells blooming, but the word was that they have been late everywhere because of the unseasonably cool weather this Spring.

The moss was less unexpected in a woodland like this but it delighted me none-the-less, especially the happy moss monster sitting at the side of the track I was ambling along. The images below take you along the route I followed but only give a glimpse of the carpets of flowers.

I find photographing bluebells difficult – trying to represent the awesome effect their multitude have on the human soul is a challenge I am happy enough not to meet as there can be no substitute for the real thing.

Witness to my enjoyment (and need!) of this walk were two of many local bulls and I stopped to have a wee chat with them as I headed back down the tree lined lane.

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  1. What a wonderfully magical posting, Alastair. I was expecting fairies to flit around. Yours is a delightful post for the senses & a reminder that I have passport to dust off. I’ve read that bluebells proliferate where soldiers have fallen. Is that an old war story?

    • And a wonderful response Diane – thank you. I am not aware of a connection between fallen soldiers and bluebells. Red poppies are another matter – they grew in profusion on the battlegrounds of France.

  2. Love the Moss Monster!
    I too find it difficult to capture the atmosphere that bluebells create – maybe that is part of their magic – you have to be there!

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