Mynydd Gelli winter view

My Walk this Week – A Sprinkling of Winter

We rarely get any snow in the small town where I live and so when I awoke to find a thin Winter sprinkling in the garden, I assumed that there would be more of it all around us on higher ground and I prepared to take a walk later in the morning.

Mynydd Gelli tree

So I was surprised to find naked trees and moorland when I set off up one of the hills in the lower reaches of the Mawr, the upland area just north of Swansea. No white blankets to be seen, just the thinnest of hints that snow had fallen on the distant hills.

A bitter wind blew however, a frequent weather condition here, as can be seen by the escape routes taken by the branches of those shivering trees – and there were some whose stunted, broken limbs looked desperate for a bit of loving rather than the farmer’s hacking blade.

But the sky was blue and the sun shone from time to time and was absorbed by the “lakes” of solar panels that are part of a new “growth” industry for farmers. There have been times when I have mistaken these strange crops as a bodies of water in the distance rather than a rural production line for power.

That “track to nowhere” in the images above can be seen in monochrome on Leanne Cole’s blog post “MM 196”.

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