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My Walk this Week – All A Bit Marshy

My walk this week is a bit marshy, but not boggy! I hadn’t been down to our local salt marshes on the Loughor Estuary for a while and as the weather was unusually dry,  it was an opportunity to see how things had changed as they undoubtedly would have done in some ways.

I never get tired of seeing this environment – it has the quality of peacefulness and tranquility when it is dry even with the motorway traffic in the background. The day was still with little or no movement other than the slow flow of the half full river as the tide receded. The subtle swirls of the current gave a gentle distortion to the reflected pattern of clouds, but there was unquestionable evidence in the form of gaping cracks that there had been slippage of the river bank as a result of high tides and fast flowing water.

A makeshift rusty barrier was constructed as an extension to the wooden fence that prevents cattle reaching an area where the marsh grasses give refuge and residence to some of the birds that enjoy this habitat. I disturbed what I think was a beautiful looking corncrake but wasn’t quick enough with my camera to get a shot of it.


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  1. Hi, I love your photos of the walk this week. When I see that long grass I think what kind of handmade paper it would make. And, I have always loved rust and the patterns it makes and have dried handmade paper on rusty metal surfaces to get a great patina. Thanks for sharing your photos of the walks. Best wishes, Jane Ingram Allen.

    • Thanks Jane. This is a local environment for me and one I never tire of. I love those grasses and the sounds they make when it’s windy.

  2. Wonderful to see the marsh today, Alastair. I, too, enjoy the tranquility of marshlands and tidal mudflats. I like to look for bird footprints in the mud. The cracking slippage photo reminds me of our earthquake photos with the big fissures. Thanks for letting us join you on the marsh today.

    • Thanks Jet. There were of course lots of bird footprints in the mud here as well but I guess that wasn’t my focus for the post. We also had an earthquake here a few days ago! I don’t think that had anything to do with that riverbank fissure though as it really was very short – you never know though! Glad you enjoyed the post, thanks for visiting

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