My Walk this Week – Along the Canal

Since visiting various sections of Swansea Canal a couple of years ago, I have meant to return to the section which runs through Clydach, just a few miles from Swansea in South Wales. Finally getting a convenient opportunity, I took one of my cameras and my small recorder and though of my walk as a recce for a StillWalks production in the future.

My walk this week illustrates this recce walk – where necessary I used my iPhone with its wider angle lens.

The walk starts by the canal where it meets a loop of the River Tawe. However, the first shot below shows the water of the canal flowing into the Clydach river before it joins the Tawe on the other side of the canal and flows on down to Swansea.

Swansea Canal falling into Clydach River

Swansea Canal and River Tawe

Swansea Canal

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    • Thanks Wade. Of course when it was in use for the purpose it was built, industrial transportation, it won’t have been regarded as lovely so much as practical. It is very lovely now though and I enjoyed the urban section of it almost as much as the rural.

      • It’s funny how things change like that. There’s a spot along the river where I run and hike in the summer, where they have let nature reclaim the ruins of a former industrial building. It’s absolutely lovely, and I’m always happy to see what prairie flowers have bloomed amid the bricks!

    • Thanks Barbara. I was thinking of focusing on early Spring next week from other walks I have been having recently in surprisingly nice weather.

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