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My Walk this Week – An Angle On the Beach

My walk this week is along Aberavon Beach on the eastern side of Swansea Bay. It was warm but overcast when we started out and I suppose that might account for the clothing that one of these beach anglers was wearing.

anglers angling

The sun soon showed up, however, and justified the clothing of the others on the beach as well as their activities.

Aberavon has an expansive and beautiful beach but it is slightly strange to see mechanical monsters seemingly so close on the skyline. It is an industrial area of South Wales and one on a narrow stretch of land between sea and hills and so the mixed activities of pleasure and production, trade and transport, are concentrated together in the space available.

The lengthy stretch of sand with the tide out meant that there was plenty of space for everyone. The tide was on its way in and it was fast to do so on the gently sloping sand and I was very nearly caught by it as I focused more on my photography than the approaching water.

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