River Tawe and the Copper Jack

Copperopolis 2c – Old Engines and A Trip Up the River

The rusty old engines I found as I turned a corner at the end of my walk this week around the old industrial buildings of Copperopolis in Swansea, brought a big smile to my face. The colours, textures and patterns of the old wheels and screws, cables and rails are wonderful.

Rusty wheel

The boat trips up the River Tawe pass by this old historic area of Swansea but I had a much better view of abandoned machinery than those on the Copper Jack. If you look back atany of the historic photos or watch the fascinating and informative animated video of the industry, you will see that the health and visual impact of the industry was very different to what it is now. I wonder what comparison could be made between the income of current tourism to the city and that of Copperopolis during the industrial revolution?

However different the economics of the area may be between then and now, the soundscapes, I suspect, would have even greater contrast.

Copperopolis Part 2 Soundscape

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  1. I enjoyed this visit to Copperopolis and the Swansea, Alastair. Interesting to see the history of the copper works, and fantastic to see the Copper Jack cruising along the river. I, too, would have been fascinated by all the old, rusty machinery, a peaceful step back in time.

    • I’m pleased you enjoyed it Jet. I find it a fascinating area with a rich history. My wife has taken the cruise up the river but I haven’t myself yet. I’m a little jealous!

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