My walk this week shows the changes that have taken place in this location since six weeks ago – the ground is now parched where it had been lush and green. The character of the landscape has changed and presents a greater sense of the mediterranean than Wales.

parched path

In Wales we say it either was, is, or is going to rain, and it is true that we get what some would say was more than our fair share of it. However, it is also true that we get dry spells (from time to time), but not usually with the heat that we have been experiencing all over Britain for a few weeks now.

I understand it is a world wide phenomenon but I can only speak for where I have been during this time and the places I have walked. The hills around me are still green with bracken but the grass and fields are all yellow and while the veronicas around the pond in our local park seem happy enough in their colour, the pond itself is reduced to mostly dry mud. We haven’t got a hose ban yet, but if things carry on like this . . . !

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