Woodland backdrop

My Walk this Week – Spring Walk in A Woodland Park

My walk this week is in my local park – it’s a beautiful place and in recent years has been managed and developed by a volunteer group. I am ashamed to say I have not contributed my time to this group unless you include the promotion of the place via this blog.

Woodland Reflections

The management and development of the woodland and other areas is a good thing in many respects, certainly it is if it gets more people using and benefiting from it. For myself, I love it now and I loved it before just as much. I suspect the birds and squirrels and other flora and fauna also think like this. Either way, its a great place for a relaxing walk and in the Spring the the blossom is showing beautifully.

My photos and the soundscape which I will post at the end of the week are from early in the morning when those I encountered on my route were mostly pre breakfast dog walkers, but the dogs are welcome to enjoy the place as well.

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