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Back at the Bramble Beginning – Reviewing the Walk

Looking back from the bramble beginning by the road on my walk this week along the Tennant Canal near Swansea, South Wales, I can see and hear again some of the varied natural and industrial features of this environment that I enjoy so much.

return to the road

I first discovered the beauty of this place on a guided walk with a bird specialist who worked his magic at identifying and translating all the birds and, seemingly, their conversations. The ability the human brain has for focusing our senses in different ways is remarkable but there is no question that it takes practice. However much knowledge, understanding and familiarity we can develop in a field of study, it can take time, interest and dedication to reach that level. For about a week after a guided walk like that I feel better able to identify the birds I hear around me, but gradually my memory lets the information go.

Fortunately I am still able to enjoy the sights and sounds of the environment and whether or not you can identify the different elements of this walk, I hope you too can enjoy seeing the images and hearing the soundscape, varying as they do from the natural to the industrial and back again.

Tennant Canal Soundscape

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