Ouse riverside walk

My Walk this Week – Wet One by the Ouse

My walk this week is a wet one by the River Ouse in York where I have been travelling on a few occasions lately. It is strange being in York after Wales because there are no hills in York at all – I suspect that is why there are so many cyclists there.

York Millennium Bridge

No hills may be what cyclists prefer but for me, I like a good hill or mountain to climb and I found the only way to work a head of steam was to put on a marching pace. I think if I lived there I might take up running (or cycling I suppose!). 

One thing I am used to in Wales is the rain, and so the wet did not stop me going for a brisk walk early one morning down to the River Ouse and into town on one bank and out again on the other. So the sequence of images below show the start of the walk and my route down to the Millennium Bridge. All photos were taken on my iPhone as was the recorded sound and video which I will post as my walk posts progress through the week.

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