Blue Bridge, York

Over and On the River – Bridges and Rowers in York

My walk this week took me down the River Ouse to Skeldergate Bridge in the city of York. After climbing up to the bridge from the east bank of the river I first crossed over the bridge and then the road to descend and go under the bridge and continue my walk back along the west bank.

River Ouse from Skeldergate

Along my way into town I passed a team of four rowers practicing their craft on the Ouse and heading out in the direction of the Millennium Bridge where I had first crossed the river.

I was to meet the rowers again later on and enjoyed getting a second video clip on my iPhone. I would say that it was more the sound of their rowing that interested me than the sight of it though they both presented a distinctive rhythm and it was this that prompted me to hit the video button rather than the recorder or photo.

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  1. I loved exploring the Ouse here, Alastair, especially all the different boats and bridges. The Skeldergate Bridge is so handsome and stately, and I liked being under it too. I couldn’t get the rower video to work, but I am certain that is internet slowness at my end. Many thanks for this lovely adventure.

    • Thanks Jet. Perhaps I take it too much for granted that everyone has fast broadband these days – it is a Full HD video but is compressed for web use. Don’t worry though it’s not that exciting and the sound from it is include in tomorrow’s soundscape Glad you like the rest of the post.

      • I live in the country, too far away for underground cables or fiber optics; we get our internet via satellite. But I sure did enjoy the rest of the post, as I always do. Thank you, Alastair, always a pleasure.

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