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Project Walk 1b – Hunting for King Arthur’s Stone

But where is it, this King Arthur’s Stone? Well hidden in the mist on top of Cefn Bryn, the backbone of the Gower Peninsula.

Cefn Bryn

The stone, a well known local landmark, forms the roof of a neolithic burial chamber and was originally brought here by melting ice. One remarkable thing about this huge conglomerate is that, heavy as it is at 25 tons, it used to weigh in at 35 tons but was mysteriously split. Naturally, there are many theories as to how this happened.

As we climbed up the road from the morning’s walk on the salt marshes, the weather became wetter and the mist thicker – I could only laugh as we approached the top of Cefn Bryn to park and pull hoods up unreadiness for another short walk across boggy ground.

The children’s resilience was remarkable and all seemed to enjoy the experience and the tales and history of the stone in the midst of an eerie landscape.

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