Rattling the Leaves – Out and About in the Wind

The effects of the weather can be truly horrendous sometimes, but when it is not so destructive, it can be exhilarating! The high winds in Swansea Bay last week, brought those people out that enjoy that wildness, at least while it is doing no harm.

Perhaps the fact that it was windy but not raining made it enjoyable not just for the humans but also for the dogs which are allowed onto the beach at this time of year. I was there as well of course, taking the photos I am posting this week and also doing a bit of sound recording.

I only had my small Edirol RO9 recorder with me which meant the strength of the wind was a bit of a problem. However, with the use of my home made foam wind shield and the gain not to high, I was able to get a couple of clips that help to bring some extra atmosphere to the photos.

The first clip was taken on the promenade near the plant with the large leaves featured in the first photo. It is the sound of the leaves “rattling” against each other that can be heard, not the sound of rain!

High Winds in Swansea Bay

High Winds in Swansea Bay

High Winds in Swansea Bay

High Winds in Swansea Bay

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    • I’m glad you liked the video. Thanks for watching. Re the wind turbine, there are lots of documents about them on both sides and, personally, I fully support them. The one in the photo is not the prettiest I’ve seen but even so, I like what it is doing – producing power sustainably.

      • They are all pretty ugly, Still Walks. I think they disturb bird migratory patterns, too, in the way military tests underwater disturb the migrations of whales–and blow out their eardrums…but that’s another story…just a comparison of the harm of excessively loud, sonic level of noise. I think the wind turbine measures even louder than a jumbo jet’s engine, (now multiply that times a farm of them) and the impact on farming communities is unfixable. It pollutes the ground soil from seepage generated from drilling so far into the bedrock–releasing natural deposits harmful to livestock–and of course, as mentioned, the heinous noise. Wind generated electricity requires back-up from conventional power stations, too, I believe, the firing up and down of which is a lot like driving in stop and go traffic. very inefficient for fuel use. Not to mention they are all built from fossil fuel generated energy, anyway…But to each his own educated mind…:)…feel free to delete this, I am just sharing my view, and don’t want to be argumentative, but i guess i am pretty against them. It’s just another way Big Energy makes big bucks…

          • documentary channel. I have a subscription.

            I will have to think about how best to produce energy now, for an over-pop, energy hungry world. Being I am a dreamer, and all, it is absol not my wheelhouse. or even my lighthouse.

            I take it you think it hogwash? Because there is substantiating evidence. And yes, smiley guy for sure…

            >> :mrgreen:

            (steps off soapbox…thinks about redirect…)

            I do love your nature excursions. I guess the wind turbine surprised me is what.

          • I guess I think of the wind (and the fact we can generate power from it) as a natural part of the philosophy of StillWalks. But StillWalks is not just about nature. I have urban walks as well, such as “City Walk” which is a winter walk in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

            I am keen for people to enjoy them and hopefully be more aware of their surroundings as a result – both sights and sounds.

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