Still reflecting on the Winter Lakeside Walk, here are two more images from Llyn Llech Owain. You can watch this StillWalk on the website.

How to pronounce Llyn Llech Owain . . . the double “Ll” at the start of Llyn and Llech is pronounced something like the Scottish “ch” in the word “loch”, but in Welsh it comes a bit more from the cheeks and with a lot more spit (saliva)! The “ch” at the end of Llech is pronounced like the Scottish “ch” in loch. In the word “Llyn”, the “yn” is pronounced “een” and in the word “Llech”, the “e” is pronounced “ay”. The name Owain is pronounced “Oh-wine” – Lleen Llaych Oh-wine.

Got all that? Have fun 🙂 If any Welsh out there feel I have got this wrong or can describe the pronunciation more clearly, I would be very happy to hear from you.




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