December - Winter Sunrise

Reviewing the Year – 2017

At the end of this first week of 2018 I have selected one image from each month of 2017 plus the featured image on the StillWalks blog page.

I thoroughly enjoyed all my walks in 2017 and look forward to posting about more walks in the coming year. However, I may need to cut down on the number of posts. As much as I enjoy doing the photography, field recording and writing, there will be a distinct pressure on my time in 2018 and cutting to one post per week may be one of the solutions to this problem. I will do my best and we shall see how it goes – either way, unlike this week, future posts will include soundscapes as well as images.

I would like to thank everyone for following the StillWalks blog in 2017 and I look forward to reading all your posts in the coming year. I hope it will be a very productive one for all of us. Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy New Year to you too 🙂

    I look forward to your posts this year. Your blog is always a pleasure to catch up with (even if I haven’t commented a lot this past year).

  2. I enjoyed this review and your excellent photos, Alastair. I of course like the robin, as I mentioned earlier, and I think the little July dog on the Scottish beach is a fun photo too. Love seeing the wild ponies of Wales and the red sailboat from the Welsh Cliffside. I also found the Pagham Walk photo from May especially intriguing, an unusual vista and beautiful symmetry. Great post, Alastair, thank you. BTW, I had to cut back on posting this past year a bit, and I went down to 1x/week and it suits me perfectly, and I still have a good following. Cheers to a great new year–

    • Thanks for the encouragement Jet – much appreciated. The dog photo on the beach was an unusual one for me but I found it such a funny looking character I just had to include it. Here’s to going forward in 2018 –

  3. The Robin is my favourite from this selection, followed by the fountain, but naturally they’re all beauts! Congrats on another year of delights, I always enjoy these virtual forays.

    • You (and all my followers) are so kind. I really appreciate it and am so pleased that my posts and the StillWalks concept brings such joy and peace to people. The feedback I get online and off is really gratifying. Thanks again Chris – and everyone else

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