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Rusty Railings Over the River

Having descended to the valley bottom on my walk up Cwm Dulais, I crossed the small footbridge over the Afon Dulais (“river” in Welsh is “afon” just as “cwm” is “valley”). Saying that the bridge railings are rusty might suggest that they are worn and falling apart but the rust is only a surface colouration rather than a deep and weakening phenomenon. What I assume is cast iron is as hard and strong as ever.

A monochrome version of the shot above can be seen on Leanne Cole’s photography blog post Monochrome Madness MM 3-46

The colours, patterns and textures of the metal, rust and moss on this small footbridge give me as much pleasure as the river running beneath and I always stop to lean on the railings and watch the river rush beneath.

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  1. I do like that strong image of the rusty railings – looks so good in monochrome too. And of course I love the running water – one of my favourite sounds.

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