Walking through the mist

Rising higher on this, my second consecutive walk up the Cwm Dulais valley, I came into a heavy mist. The mist was not so heavy that I couldn’t see the friendly horse in the field at the top to whom I like to chat, but his own grey colour is not far off that of the mist – well camouflaged for weather like this!

heavy mist

It is interesting how our perception of an environment is changed by different conditions – sunshine can be uplifting and happy, rain can be gloomy and miserable, mist or fog can be mysterious or foreboding and snow can be clean and new. The landscape in all of these atmospheric conditions is changed by them but the various plants and rocks, objects and creatures are still there, but our relationship with them changes. I think it is that change on a daily basis (and it is different every day), that intrigues and allows me to enjoy all of these conditions when out walking

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  1. Another question is, does the weather change our perception or does our attitude change how we perceive the environment in different types of weather? I think both, at various times. I rarely see fog as ominous, but more as exciting and a great chance to take a photo. However, if I were lost, I would undoubtedly feel differently.


    • We are in sync Everything is interconnected down to the smallest molecule and our relationship with all around us is influenced by everything and changes constantly.

    • Thanks Wade. I’m going to assume that’s a good thing 😉 The mist looks pretty murky to me and the magic could be considered sinister. I like the mist myself in these situations but I am not a fan of horror movies and if it’s on a road – well, enough said.

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