Starting at the Source

Looking for the source of the River Lliw on the Mawr upland area of Swansea, we started our search near another source. This is a beautiful area of  South Wales where there are a few quiet, still days in the year but mostly it is windy.

Mawr Upland

wind turbine

Rusty Textures

The rusty texture and colour of this fence post fits perfectly with the colours and textures of the surrounding landscape of the Mawr upland area of Swansea in South Wales.

rusty fence post

Hazy Day – A Local Landscape

We hadn’t had rain in this area for a while when I took these photos of the landscape around Swansea. I don’t know if it was atmospheric conditions, pollution or simply dust in the air, but it is not uncommon to have hazy days like this in South Wales, regardless of its reputation for continuous rain!

Swansea landscape

Telegraph Poles

Pointing the Way

I stopped on top of the hills on my way home recently,  just because it is a place worth stopping. The sights and sounds, the peace and tranquility (on a warm quiet day) of the Mawr area in the county of Swansea . . .


Looking for the Source

The source of the River Lliw is situated up in the hills of the Mawr ward in Swansea, South Wales.

The Clear Streams project being managed by Swansea’s Countryside Connections Team helps people to better understand the responsibility we have towards maintaining the cleanliness of rivers and what we can do maintain them. The project, which I am documenting, is taking school children from four primary schools out to explore the River Lliw from source to mouth. The aim for my part in the project, is to produce a teaching and learning resource for future use by schools and communities.

The scenery at the source is beautiful and so, when the weather is dry, it is a very pleasant work place. The source of the river is not a spring but a point on the hills into which the water of the surrounding slopes drains.

Clear Streams Project

Clear Streams

Signpost in the Sky

Returning home over the hills from Felindre (see yesterday’s post) in the sunshine, I stopped several times to take in the views. As the evidence shows, I was heading towards Pontlliw.

The hot and hazy scene in the last photo is not Felindre but a part of Swansea with the Borg type cube (ref. Star Trek) of the DVLA (Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority) building.

The Red Arrows would be streaking across this patch of sky a couple of days later as part of the Swansea Air Show. I only part I saw of it was a Lancaster Bomber heading home afterwards. The sound of the plane quite something and I cannot imaging what a whole squadron flying overhead would have sounded like in the war!

These and more photos can be seen and purchased at StillWalks PhotoShelter.


Signpost reflection


Lancaster Bomber