Old Industry

Behind the new apartments and Discovery Centre in the Millennium Coastal Park at Llanelli, there is another discovery to be made. Llanelli has recently been seeing some significant developments and they are good to see.

However, just because something is old and unused does not mean it has no interest. Walking back towards the Discovery Centre, the remains of industry in the area can be seen and I was drawn over to take a closer look. All photos taken on my iPhone.

Llanelli Old Industry-1

Llanelli Old Industry-2

Llanelli Old Industry-3

Llanelli Old Industry-4

Llanelli Old Industry-5

This last shot is of one of the old hydraulic rams used with the dock gates in the old Llanelli dock yard.

Llanelli Old Industry-6

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The Old and the New

I discovered these three vehicles recently. Having taken a couple of shots on my iPhone of the old VW Beetle and camper van, when I saw the flashy one with the wheels a couple of days later, I had to stop and take a quick shot, again on my phone.

Ok, not it’s so much new as refreshed – but still a noticeable difference to the old one.

Old VW Beetle Old VW Camper van New Old VW Camper van

Things are brightening up!

But it was a dreich day when I came down the garden to my studio this morning. So, to stay in keeping with the brightening day, I have decided to put up a few more of those colourful metallic “canvases” I have snapped recently.

Today I will work some more with the sounds I have been recording from this material but here, in the meantime, is a snippet. What does it sound like to you?

rusty metalrusty metal

rusty metal


A Visit to Middlesbrough – Sculpture?

Next to the Anish Kapoor sculpture, “Tenemos” (featured in yesterday’s post), are other “sculptures” which, although functional in their design, are fascinating and attractive in their own way.

The textures, colours and patterns of paint and rust are further enhanced by their juxtaposition with Kapoor’s work. And that, of course, is a part of the purpose of art – to help us see, understand and appreciate what is around us.

I wonder what it is like inside that crane?!

Middlesbrough crane

Tenemos and Crane

Tenemos and Crane



Middlesbrough crane



broken windows

Patterns and Perspective Down at the Station

Taking an aimless walk on a sunny Sunday last weekend, I ended up at our local station where the patterns, colours and perspective of the track prompted me to use my camera –  which I had casually taken along with me . . . just in case!


Gates and Railway


Gates and Railway


Gates and Railway

Railway Platform

Railway Platform

Railway Station

Railway Station

Railway Tunnel

Old Fences

Lliw Valley in the rain – the last of my images this week on this subject, these photos seem to prove the resilience of wood over metal.

The first two along with a number of others taken recently, can also be seen on the Ambiguity of Fences blog. Other Fence Post Garden images from Lliw Valley can be seen on Facebook at the Moss Appreciation Society.

old fence

Succumbing to time and the rain

old fence

Hanging Around

fence post garden

Fence Post Garden