A Visit to Middlesbrough – Sculpture?

Next to the Anish Kapoor sculpture, “Tenemos” (featured in yesterday’s post), are other “sculptures” which, although functional in their design, are fascinating and attractive in their own way.

The textures, colours and patterns of paint and rust are further enhanced by their juxtaposition with Kapoor’s work. And that, of course, is a part of the purpose of art – to help us see, understand and appreciate what is around us.

I wonder what it is like inside that crane?!

Middlesbrough crane

Tenemos and Crane

Tenemos and Crane



Middlesbrough crane



broken windows

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  1. Love this! I absolutely think objects functional in their design can make great artworks. I recently stood underneath a power line tower on one of my walks and took a photo looking up…the geometric design ended up making it one of my favorite photos on my walk! Nice post!

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