Things are brightening up!

But it was a dreich day when I came down the garden to my studio this morning. So, to stay in keeping with the brightening day, I have decided to put up a few more of those colourful metallic “canvases” I have snapped recently.

Today I will work some more with the sounds I have been recording from this material but here, in the meantime, is a snippet. What does it sound like to you?

rusty metalrusty metal

rusty metal


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      • Amazingly I didn’t! I find it very difficult when there are ‘strangers’ in and around my house. I know, that sounds a bit strange but it is true and when the anxiety levels go up the creative juices dry up. Not to worry, we have a new roof on our very old house and a new roof on the garage and carport and a huge hole in our bank account.
        There is still a fair bit of debris from all the work so maybe there will be some interesting images there. Thank you for the inspiration.

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