Bovine Greetings

Dorset cows

My walk from the past this week took me up one of the rolling hills of Dorset. At the top I was given a bovine greeting from a herd of very curious cows – not so curious to push up against the electric fence, I guess they had learned their lesson with that. Continue reading

My Walk this Week – Signs of an Elephant

Over the next six weeks “My Walk this Week” will be describing selected walks I have taken in the past. For this week I am looking back at a walk I called Ditch Hikers Walk and produced as a StillWalks video. The walk is located at Skanda Vale in Carmarthenshire and does not feature an elephant, Continue reading

Pointing the Way

I stopped on top of the hills on my way home recently,  just because it is a place worth stopping. The sights and sounds, the peace and tranquility (on a warm quiet day) of the Mawr area in the county of Swansea . . .


Signpost in the Sky

Returning home over the hills from Felindre (see yesterday’s post) in the sunshine, I stopped several times to take in the views. As the evidence shows, I was heading towards Pontlliw.

The hot and hazy scene in the last photo is not Felindre but a part of Swansea with the Borg type cube (ref. Star Trek) of the DVLA (Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority) building.

The Red Arrows would be streaking across this patch of sky a couple of days later as part of the Swansea Air Show. I only part I saw of it was a Lancaster Bomber heading home afterwards. The sound of the plane quite something and I cannot imaging what a whole squadron flying overhead would have sounded like in the war!

These and more photos can be seen and purchased at StillWalks PhotoShelter.


Signpost reflection


Lancaster Bomber