Bovine Greetings

Dorset cows

My walk from the past this week took me up one of the rolling hills of Dorset. At the top I was given a bovine greeting from a herd of very curious cows – not so curious to push up against the electric fence, I guess they had learned their lesson with that. It’s always worth being wary of animals you don’t know and especially those that are bigger then you, but these cows were not aggressive and their understanding of the electric fence helped me to relax in taking their photo.

My walk up to this point was wild and windy but my surroundings were new to me and not the same as my own locality in Wales. The rows of beech trees and the arrangements they had made of themselves over many years was fascinating and the greens of the Dorset landscape and patterns of fields and trees were beautiful.

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  1. Ha ha ha! We had a similar bovine experience the other week and decided discretion was the better part of valour. We hid behind the hedge until they wandered off and then ran across the field…too much of a townie perhaps!

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