Taste of Gower Oxwich 5 – Breaking the Rules of Photography

couple on beach

During this Taste of Gower walk at Oxwich I had conversations with a couple of people about photography and the “rule” of not taking photographs into the sun or keeping the light behind you.  It’s not a bad rule in general and particularly useful for holiday snapshots. Apart from any tricks of the trade which can be used when you need to shoot into the light, deliberately taking a shot against the light can give some very interesting results and indeed, if you want silhouettes this is the way to get them.

In the case of the image above, which has had some small adjustments madero it, the effect of the direct sunlight was to leach almost all the colour from the scene, creating a platinum-like effect but without any camera software trickery. The image is perhaps a little dark but I like the mood of it – it’s not monochrome but it’s not far off it. Personally I like the result but I could play about endlessly with effects like this.

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