The Conflict of Working with Metal

A couple of days ago I said in one of my blog posts, that I would try and explain my interest in working with metal. So over this week I am going to use some examples of my work in tapestry weaving, digital print and photography to illustrate the development of this interest. My work in interactive media has also played an important part in this.

I developed StillWalks in response to a situation with stress and internal conflict. The starting point of my work on the theme of conflict was during the peace process talks in Northern Ireland where I grew up during the 1960s and ’70s.

Combining barbed wire with weave was my way of representing many different feelings about the troubles in Northern Ireland. The pieces shown here are from that time.

These works are available for sale – anyone interested should contact me.

Tapestry Weaving and barbed wire

“Tenses 3”  25 x 25 x 3 cms.  Photography – David wibberly

Tapestry Weaving and barbed wire

“Tenses 4”  25 x 25 x 3 cms.  Photography – David Wibberly

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  1. Creating art is such a great therapy isn’t it? I first picked up a camera during a rather dark time in my life. It has helped to remind me that no matter what, you can still find beauty if you look hard enough. Very interesting metal work here!

    • Thanks. I originally trained in film photography way back, and have always used it towards producing my art. It is only now with StillWalks that I am using it as an end in itself.

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