The Sound of a Gate

Descending from the top of the hill on my walk this week meant re-entering the mist. In fact the mist was descending with me and thinning as I walked. On arrival at the gate below I took the opportunity of recording my self walking through it.


Some would hate this metallic sound but I find the various sounds that metal makes wonderful. Wooden gates are perhaps more often attractive than metal ones, and they too have attractive sequences of notes as you pass through them. However, it was metal gates that prompted me to compose a short sequence featuring a number of different metal gates I have recorded. The sound of this particular gate can be heard towards the end of the first clip below – then there is my gate composition!

The Sound of a Gate

Noisy Gates

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      • Years ago there was a programme on Radio 3 at about 10pm – an hour of this sort of music, I just loved to listen to all the amazing recordings composers were so creative with. I like to paint, sew or crochet to tracks like these – very inspiring.

        • I remember the programme you mean but can’t thing what it was called. I often find that the music I enjoy when working can be quite different, more challenging, than that which I listen to at other times.

          • I think it was this one –
            Mixing It was celebrated as a bastion of experimental music radio. Hosted by Robert Sandall and Mark Russell, it covered a wide range of styles, including left-field areas of modern classical, dance, rock and world music. The last edition was broadcast on 9th February, 2007.

            I am going to look on You Tube to see if there are any clips on there.

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