My Walk this Week – Aberystwyth Seafront

Aberystwyth seafront

My walk this week is on Aberystwyth seafront and from the overcast weather depicted you would not believe that half an hour earlier the sun had been shining and the sky blue.  Neither was it raining at the time these photos were taken – but I still got soaked as I walked along the beach!

When the clouds come down to ground level in Wales, they are very wet and it was fortunate that I had my waterproof camera cover with me as it was needed. The thick wet drizzly clouds kept getting blown into the bay and then out again but this is typical of west coast British weather and from the number of times it features in my blog posts, I wonder about changing the focus from walks to weather.

Despite all this I enjoyed my walk along the beach. The sound of the sea will always lift my heart but on this occasion my walk came at the end of a very positive day anyway and so I was already in a good mental place. I had been at a Green Health in Practice conference organised by the Mid Wales Healthcare Collaborative and enjoyed all the speakers and subsequent discussions.

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