Seafront Architecture

Aberystwyth architecture

The seafront architecture of Victorian times in Welsh or British towns is very different to that enjoyed(?) by visitors to seaside resorts on the mediterranean coast and many other places these days. The repeating patterns of what once were hotels and B & Bs, many of which are now student accommodation, is still attractive to visitors and to my mind somewhat less vulgar than the repeated tower blocks lining a modern seafront. But the point of this accommodation in both current and bygone eras was to be affordable for the masses and the relative price of package holidays to beaches around the world reflects this.

In these days of unpredictable weather the inhabitants of Aberystwyth seafront need to be careful when going about on foot as the stones and pebbles on the beach can regularly be found strewn across the road. Despite the sea wall the weather will often encourage a high tide to throw itself closer to the housing than is perhaps desirable.

The final shot of this image collection can be found in black and white as part of the “Culture” theme of Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness MM-3-50 blog post this week.

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