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My Walk this Week – Out Along the Ouse

My walk this week is another one along the River Ouse – not into York this time, but out, in the opposite direction. It’s a short circular walk that took me about 90 minutes from door to door with not more than half of that being by the river.

Heading for the Ouse

There are a number of inhabitants along this stretch of the river – some use house boats, others old trailers and even tents (they may have been wild campers). On a previous walk I was able to get a closer look at these dwellings but on this occasion the place was quite active and the footpath had been closed off at that point, so I took the path across the fields instead.

My route down to the river was interesting in itself and took me past some northern graffiti, identified as such by the use of the word “Howay” which you could translate as “Hiya”, “Howdy”, “Come on”, “How are you?”, etc. The next thing I came upon was some very lazy looking gravestones leaning up against a wall – I think they had been cleared from an old graveyard that is now being turned into a garden.

So I have reached the river at this stage of my walk and will continue along it in my next post.

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