Great Pulteney Street in Bath

My Walk this Week – Bath

My walk this week is around Bath in the south west of England – a town famous for its Roman baths and spas and also for its place in literature, specifically the wonderful classic books of Jane Austen – see here.

Bath from Holburne Museum

I was in Bath was to go see the Tapestry: Here and Now exhibition at the Holburne Museum and attend tapestry weaving symposium held there – The Narrative of Tapestry. The view above is from the museum looking down Great Pulteney Street. The exhibition was really good and featured a number of tapestry weaving friends but not my own work. However, I will feature one of those later in the week.

My walk around Bath was very enjoyable and I took in parks, the River Avon and Bath Abbey (at least from the outside). Below you can see the first set of images from this walk and one of the tapestries from the exhibition – one of my favourites.

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  1. I was there once a very long time ago, so my memories aren’t as complete as I’d wish. So I enjoyed this post immensely. Would love to go back one day.


    • Thank you Janet, I’m glad you have good memories of the place and enjoyed my post. I’ll be continuing my walk tomorrow and through the week as usual with some of the sounds from it at the weekend. Sound being an excellent memory trigger, I wonder if my soundscape will help to bring back yours.

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