My Walk this Week – The Taff and Pen y Fan


My walk this week is from a recent sunny Sunday morning when I met up with the Living Taff group for an exploration of the two sources of the River Taff. The river runs from the Brecon Beacons down to Cardiff on the south eastern coast of Wales. It has two sources which meet at Merthyr Tydfil – one of them rises from the earth just below Pen y Fan, the highest peak of the Brecon Beacons while the other starts a little lower and on the western slopes of Corn Du.

Looking west from Corn Du

Pen y Fan and Corn Du are popular places these days, and if the weather is good on a Sunday, the footpaths up these slopes can get very crowded. The photographs below only show a handful of the ascending crowd – it became very much busier later on!

My first photo today shows a view looking west from Corn Du with the others showing its slopes and the flat summit that walkers are heading for before continuing to Pen y Fan.

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  1. Alastair,you mention the Blaen Taf Fawr and the Blaen Taf Fechan as names of rivers in 2 of your articles.This is just a mis-conception on the OS’s behalf and a misunderstanding of the Welsh language.Blaen is effectively the opposite of Aber or mouth i.e it is describing the area around the head or source of the rivers.The OS,by using incorrect cartography,aligning these names alongside the course of the river,give the wrong impression.They should include these names horizontally in the upper areas or basins of the river.The names are Taf Fawr and Taf Fechan not just after the confluence.The OS get it right in the Rhondda-why not get it right on the Taf also?

    • Thanks very much for this Martin. This is exactly why I asked for corrections. The OS map is confusing but my memory of what was said in the day was unclear. I will add this info as corrections in the post. Thanks again

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