My Walk this Week – Valley Walks 3, Storm Doris

Trees in wind

My walk this week is the third of my walks on consecutive days in my local valley, Cwm Dulais. Where the previous day was misty, this walk was windy – in fact I did this walk on the day of Storm Doris. We did not have the strength of wind that some other parts of the country received but it was notable all the same.

The most interesting aspect of the walk was the sound and how it changed at different stages of the walk – see (listen) below.

 I will posting a soundscape for the walk at the end of the week as usual but that will be restricted to four minutes and I wanted to make the original recordings available for anyone interested in the subtle changes of wind sound at each stage of the walk. So below is the first clip which features Storm Doris in mainly deciduous trees in a relatively sheltered location as I to rise up the hill near the start of the walk.

The sheep were not perturbed by the wind in the least!




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