Stratford Park - Stroud

My Walk this Week – A Walk in the Park

The park in question on my walk this week is Stratford Park in Stroud, England. I’d driven up there to see a friend’s exhibition of knotted tapestries – Anne Jackson in the Museum in the Park. It was well worth the drive and having spent an hour enjoying the exhibition in detail, I still had time to take a walk in the park.

Stratford Park Autumn Leaves

All the classic features of a British urban/suburban park were there – tall trees, Autumn leaves, lake, ducks, swans, birds, people and dog walkers (are those last two in the list separate beings? lol).

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  1. I sure enjoyed this peaceful walk in the English park, Alastair. I liked the opening path photo, the closing photo, and everything in between. Especially like the waterfall with the needled branch in the foreground.

    • Thank you Jet. I have just been working on the soundscape for the end of the week and think (hope) you will enjoy it and my selection of images then as well. When I looked at my destination (the park) on Google Maps for my travels that day, I did not get any real sense of what the actual walk might be like. It was a very pleasant surprise and I hope my posts give a better sense of the place than Google can.

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