Walking – Cwmdu Walk Part 2, Reviewing the Walk

The end of this middle section of my walk above Cwmdu on the hills between the Brecon beacons and The Black Mountains in Wales, showed me a path I could have taken.

Mynydd Llangorse

However, the pile or cairn of stones in the foreground above also marked the point at which I would leave this path and descend back down into the valley – Cwm Sorgwm. I was very pleased to have the opportunity to take this walk as it is an area I have been meaning to explore on foot for a long time. having tasted it now, I will have to return for more in the future.

The soundscape for this part of my walk starts with my climb up that steep slope which made me puff and pant a little along side the buzzing of flies and bees. Still containing an example of the frequent use of a busy international flightpath, the place is also very peaceful with the sound of heather underfoot and skylarks up above while in the distance one of those groups of other people can be heard as well as other signs of human activity in the landscape below.

Cwmdu Walk Part Two Soundscape

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  1. I so enjoyed this fantastic hike, Alastair. Your photos are delightful, and a pleasant visual to accompany the sound track. I thoroughly enjoyed the sounds, for there were so many cheerful skylarks and other bird songs. I could even hear the sheep. And then right toward the end, a large fly went buzzing by. A joy to take this multi-dimensional hike across the Welsh moors, thank you.

    • Oh thank you Jet – much appreciated. The buzzing sounds of the flies and bees etc really make the Summer for me as well as the skylarks and everything else of course. Glad you enjoyed it as always

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