Tunnel stalactites

Watery Effects at The Waterside

The dancing reflections of sunlight on puddles in an old reservoir overflow tunnel is just one of the watery effects to be found at The Waterside where my walk is this week.

water reflection

It is not just the effects of water that creates the patterns and structures I am looking at in the images below, it is the interaction between the water and the sunlight that choreographs the changing rhythms of the light and shade. The interaction of draining water with mortar and stone sculpts the hanging drips into solid stalactites and provides an auditory script presented to the ears against a backdrop of quiet tunnel echo. Below is a short sound clip which will form a part of my soundscape for The Waterside on Saturday.

The first things I saw on coming out of the tunnel were other plays of sunlight and shade. I don’t know what the corrugated iron object by the fence was used for, but I do like the “writing” of the sun on its side – another interaction of elements creating an effect, a feast for my eyes.

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