Waterside footbridge

Lingering Around the Lake

Lingering around the lake at The Waterside is a very easy thing to do. On my walk this week the weather was good – sunny and almost still with just the lightest of breezes from time to time.

reed island

A walk here is more about wellbeing than exercise and whatever the weather conditions, there is huge advantage to be gained from a quiet contemplation of the place and the space. The atmosphere is inevitably different in mist or rain, wind or cold, though no less enjoyable, and if you are there on the First Friday of any month, there is always a cozy fire in The Longroom to warm you up and good company for creative conversation in collaboration with Collective Headspace.

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  1. I so enjoyed this walk around the lake at the The Waterside, Alastair. I like the distinction of it being a walk for well-being, rather than exercise. And the photos are really lovely, so artful. I like the long grasses and bullrush especially. Maybe it’s my prairie home-state influence, but I love long grasses. They are so beautiful, and they are not often photographed. Thanks for taking us along today, I enjoyed it.

    • Thanks Jet. I’m pleased you were able to identify with the place. It’s when that happens that we have a better appreciation of what we are looking at or experiencing. Thank you.

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