weeping willow

Weeping Willow


Still walking fast towards the end of my walk this week along the banks of the River Ouse in York, I paused from time to time to take photos, record sound and also some video – all on my iPhone 6s. The rain had been falling but the breeze was gentle and this is reflected in the motion of the weeping willow and water patterns in the video below.

The atmosphere was very damp but with a tranquil sense of place. The people living in the houses set back from the riverbank have a very attractive scene in from of them. However, they alsohave to accept that this is a river that regularly floods and even if their houses have been designed to allow for this, I can imagine that it might be handy sometimes to own a boat as well as a car!

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  1. I so enjoyed this river walk, Alastair. Your photos are lovely, I especially like the emerald mossy riverbank; and the video was super. It looked like the willow really was weeping, with the rain gently falling in the river. Thanks for taking us to York with you.

    • Thank you and my pleasure as always Jet. The soundscape will be up tomorrow of course. I just listened to a recording of your oilbirds and the guide‚Äôs description was perfect lol

      • You got me laughing here, Alastair. Great that you found a recording and your sound-sensitive training concurs with the guide’s description. Thanks so very much. ūüėÄ

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