Weird Findings on a Woodland Walk

On my walk in the woods this week I took a route I have not followed for a long time. I must have known that this weird old rusty abandoned pipe and the farm equipment was there because it has clearly been there for a long time – I guess I’d just forgotten.

inside out

None of these objects feature in my video of the walk (to be posted at the end of the week), but it was great fun photographing them even if it was with my iPhone. iPhonography presents an interesting challenge and there is certainly no reason not to take excellent photographs with many different mobile phones. My preference is to use my Canon DSLRs but I also enjoy using my iPhone, though perhaps I treat it more casually.

I didn’t go for this walk with the intention of doing photography but as is so often the case, I couldn’t help myself!

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    • Thank you Allysse. You must have been looking at it on a computer screen as my wife and daughter couldn’t make out what the first shot was in their little phone screens.

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