Mossy Chaps and Woodland Viewpoints

Rising to higher ground on my woodland walk this week I found much moss. Covering this birch to the height it does made me thing of those fleecy chaps you used to see in cowboy films  – of course they were not green but all the same . . .

Mossy chaps on trees

There are many different trees in these woods including birch, beech, oak and also coniferous. The views across the Welsh landscape are often screened, or at other times of year almost completely hidden, but at the top of the hill which is my (re)turning point, there is a kissing gate which opens out onto farm land. If I approach quietly enough the sheep to not all run off but unless I am down wind, that is not so easy. This is also a good point from which to see a pair, sometimes a trio of buzzards – it is less easy tp photograph them in the distance.

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