Wild Welsh Ponies

Wild Welsh Ponies

My walk this week is from a production walk I did in June. In this first part of it I have been climbing up the Cwm Sorgwm valley above Cwmdu just below the Brecon Beacons, and enemy way I met not only cautious sheep (see previous post), but also some cautious wild Welsh ponies.

There was a whole herd of them and this include a number of foals. They were not the only ones being cautious – after all, mothers can be very protective and rightly so. I managed to capture some of them on camera as I carefully approached and before they disappeared up the path ahead and into a neighbouring field. They were a very attractive bunch and obviously enjoying the good weather.

Other people enjoying the warmth were the gliders searching for thermals above the hills and valleys – that was the quieter of the aerial activities that day. The route I had selected to walk was clearly on a busy flight path for international travellers and jet aircraft were crossing the airspace high above at a rate of about one every couple of minutes, making field recording slightly frustrating. However, I will not be trying to pretend they were not there when it come to post-production of my StillWalks video of the walk – there were plenty of birds and bees to listen to as well. The soundscape for this part of the walk will be posted tomorrow.

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  1. What a wonderful surprise to come upon the wild ponies, Alastair. Delightful photos, and that foal is really adorable. Look forward to the soundscape too.

    • Thanks Jet – in all there were about 10 – 12 ponies and each one seemed to have a foal. That’s probably a bit of an over estimation but I felt I needed to be very cautious.

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