Colour in the Valley and Some Cautious Sheep

Colour and sheep were significant features of this first part of my Cwmdu walk up Cwm Sorgwm between the Brecon Beacons and the Black Mountains in Wales.

Gate and foxgloves

The colour was largely the vast array of greens common to the Welsh countryside and hills, but also other colours such as the purples of thistles and foxgloves. The sheep too,were prevalent, and not just in fields.

A fair number of them had escaped the boundaries of hedgerow and dry stone wall to venture further up the valley via the track, only to find themselves trapped by those very barriers as I approached the gates that prevented their further escape. As sheep do, they panicked and tried to barge their way through wire fences and over hedges. I approached sensitively and eventually managed to persuade them to take the only route available and run back the way they had come, keeping as much distance as possible between us.

Recently, on another walk in my local woodland, it was I who decided to retreat and take an alternative route when I met a very robust mother sheep staunchly protecting here offspring! There was no way she was going to move for me and so on that occasion, for the sake of all concerned, I decided discretion was the better part of valour.

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  1. Such a lovely woodland walk, Alastair. I like all the brilliant greens and purples, and how lovely to come across wild foxglove. I also really appreciate your willingness to defer to the cautious mother sheep; we all share this earth, and valor and discretion are winning attributes.

    • Thanks again Jet, I’m pleased you liked it. The sheep as I remember was really big so maybe there was a touch cowardice as well as common sense and respect lol

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