Colourful fields

With My Heart in My Mouth

Once up near the top of Mynydd Llangorse on this second part of my walk on the hills above Cwmdu in Wales, I stopped for some lunch. The food wasn’t the only thing in my mouth though, as I watched a hang glider and glider apparently so close to each other that I thought a collision was almost inevitable.

With my heart in my mouth I watched as the glider and the hang glider circled to take advantage of the thermals. Having witnessed an actual collision of small aircraft a few years ago where the occupants died, I had those memories flooding back to me and was seriously concerned for those above me. I thought that the foreshortening of distance must have been the thing that had me confused about whether the two people in the sky were aware of each other, but on closer inspection go the second of these shots, I realised that the glider in in fact closer to me than the hang glider which suggests that they really were very close together!

Being up above the patchwork landscape of Welsh fields and lakes, with the sun intermittently shining, the colour of the countryside was revealed and after the aerobatics were over and those involved had gone their separate ways, my stress levels lowered and I was able to enjoy the views along with the rest of my lunch.

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    • Yikes indeed! There I was quietly eating my sandwiches in the lovely weather in a lovely place and I thought, “Hang on a second, what’s going on here?” It had
      me really worried and I thought surely they can see each other. It wasn’t just once this happened- the glider circled 2 or 3 times. Anyway it turned out ok and I was eventually able to put my heart back where it belonged.

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